• Agroindustry
    It is estimated that by the year 2050, the world population will reach 9 billion people, which will inevitably force a 50% increase in production of food to support such a growing population.

Due to this need, it is imperative to build technologies that contribute to the automatization of productive processing in a sustainable way, and why we focus on developing solutions specialized in precision agriculture. We work on platforms and tools focusing on image processing and

data collection using sensors, geographic information systems and algorithms in order to calculate values and process information. Through these techniques, we offer value to the agroindustry sector.

Clients and Alliances:
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Benefits and solutions:
  • File creation and modification along with registration of indicators of productivity all backed up in the cloud.
  • Platforms focused on prospective data analysis as well as analysis of time which present information through geo-referential graphics (maps), volume, type and quality.
  • Digital information regarding organic products, identification of their location and photo evidence all backed up in the cloud.
  • Image processing, calibration and geo-location adjustments, data analysis, reports, maps and fundamental tools for decision making with the purpose of detecting crop parameters.